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RECORD- Mathilde Monnier (Jul 13, 2022 )

Choreographed by Mathilde Monnier, this performance is an experiment on words, scenery and bodies. Six women wearing blue pants and sneakers, with their upper body naked. It is a statement of neutral body, madness and dear to self. Interestingly, instead of tension, the image between muscularity and femininity has created a calm tone, matching the scenery of clouds and little light outside.

There is a screen with clouds, birds and sunlight. There is a white wall meaning to isolate people and freedom. There is six women dancing with madness. But this madness is calm, subtle and fragmented.

From the fixed position to the sound ensemble move to the verbal words, dancers on stage are suggesting a state that relates them to the deepest feelings of being on lockdown.

I like the electronic sound, as a little humour of the creators. I also like that they use it as a contradiction to the poetry-like the scene at the beginning. The complexity of human emotions is being capsuled in this little box. As the introduction said, it is a kind of resonance box. And to me, that kind of fermented moments are also a choice, a state of being trapped and surfing on emotions and thoughts.

The dancers are also strong in their body and verbal expression. Connecting to the workshop we do this week, I get a clue of what Monnier means to voice, body and rhythm. Dancers play with their voices on different tempos, energy, pitch and relations to the body, sometimes echoing while sometimes countering. Their relationship on stage is towards different audience addresses. The choice of which is closely connected to the moments they want to present.

All in all, this is an interesting piece to look back on the status of a pandemic. However, I am also interested in how they feel and are transformed after these memories and insanity.

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