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"The inevitable invisibility of the dramaturg’s contribution to the final work has often led to a mystification of his or her role in the creative process." (Guy Cools, 2019) 

有見「戲劇/舞蹈構作」在香港是一個比較新的範疇,我邀請了Utrecht University的教授,和大家思考如何「構作」。 

兩天工作坊將由認識「劇場構作思維」(Dramaturgical Thinking)開始,透過一些練習來作實踐研究,配以個人/小組創作時間,最後分享研習進度(work-in-progress presentation),和同伴討論交流。 



17-18/9/2022 (Sat- Sun)  13:45- 21:00 


嘉賓 : Dr. Evelyn Wan (Utrecht University)  

17/9: 嘉賓分享 (網上)— 創作工具練習—  個人/ 小組創作時間 (Guest Talk - Dramaturgical tools Exercises - Creative Research) 

18/9: 個人/ 小組創作時間—創作分享— 意見回饋 (Creative Research - Presentation- Peers Evaluation) 

Art Journal (2022)

This Journal includes over 45 performances during my study in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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