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Beyond the shore Peng Chau  2023
船到橋頭生活節 2023(香港)
 Inter-Island Festival 2023 (HK)




啟發自香港祖先傳說人魚「盧亭」與 海盜女王「鄭一嫂」,〈彼岸〉連結神話、歷史和性別。


同日在演前3:20pm 梅窩開往坪洲的橫水渡上加設「渡船體驗」,以音樂和故事分享,從彼岸迎接你的到來。

2023年11月26日 下午5:00 – 下午5:45

龍母廟外空地, 香港坪洲志仁街15號

"Beyond The Shore"  (Peng Chau)

If the great sea had memories, what would it record about us? In this dialogue session, come share with us your stories with the sea.


From  ancient wars to sea goddesses, from fish-human hybrid legends to  legendary female pirates, the continuous waves of historical stories  have nurtured the maritime civilizations of each generation. Inspired by  the ancestral legends of the human-fish hybrid ‘Lo Ting’ and the pirate queen ‘Zheng Yi Sao’, “Beyond the Shore" (Peng Chau version) connects mythology,  history, and gender through interactive dance theater, embarking on a  journey of self-reflection.

This performance was premiered at the Itoshima International Arts  Festival in Japan. Returning to Peng Chau, we hope to understand the relationship between islanders and non-islanders with the sea through a series of local interviews and live events. 

00:00 / 08:12

梁海頤(概念、創作及演出)   鄧捷(創作及演出)

丁浩峰(現場音樂)  尹珮彥(劇場構作) 岑軍諺(舞蹈錄像)


主辦: 船到橋頭生活節


Alysa Leung(Choreography, Performance) Gigi Tang(Text, Performance)

Ding(Live Music), Evelyn Wan(Dramaturgy) Anson Sham(Dance Film)

Rylie Lee(Calligraphy)


Organiser: Inter-Island Festival

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