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Alysa Leung- Solo Artist/ Dramaturg 


Leung is an artist and dramaturg based in Hong Kong, travelling between Asia and Europe. Graduated with an M.A. in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University (2021-2022) with a full Holland Scholarship and a Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Public Relations and Advertising from HKBU. She is devoted to researching the connections between city, body and self-identity with solo/collective and community arts.

Latest work: “Beyond the Shore”, Inter-Island Festival 2023 (Artist), "DAWN 4.0: Beyond the Shore", Itoshima International Art Festival (Artist), "DAWN 3.0: a City. a Girl. a House " , Kunstencentrumbuda (Artist), "DAWN 2.0" --- Let's Be Together Arts Festival Taiwan 2022 (Artist), "DAWN 1.0" --- ATLAS- ImpulzTanz- Vienna International Dance Festival (Artist), "Flight of Fishes", Hong Kong Arts Festival @Tai Kwun 2023 (assistant director), "Lost Child Project HK 2022 ---The Perfect MATCH"(Co-Creative Director) etc. 

She is now the project coordinator (artistic) at City Contemporary Dance Company(HK) and also a researcher in Edward Lam Dance Theatre (HK). During her master's studies, She works as a dramaturgy intern in NT GENT(Ghent, Belgium). Since 2019, Leung has assisted in Jen Lam’s creative solo workshop. The team has guided over 50 women to create their pieces. Meanwhile, she is also the core members of CCDC Baby Dance Theatre . She also trained for Two years- Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training programme and received RAD (Ballet) Advanced 2 certificates.

荷蘭烏特勒支大學 (Utrecht University)當代戲劇、舞蹈和戲劇構作 碩士;香港浸會大學傳理學學士(榮譽)。現為藝術創作者、城市當代舞蹈團項目統籌(藝術)及 戲劇構作。近年作品:"DAWN 4.0: Beyond the Shore", Itoshima International Art Festival (Artist),  "DAWN 3.0: a City. a Girl. a House " @kunstencentrumbuda (Artist), 香港藝術節@大館  2023《飛魚@香港》(助理導演 | 排練協作者)、不貧窮藝術節(高雄)2022《沒光之後》(創作者)Vienna International Dance Festival (ATLAS 編舞訓練計劃),動戲 · 童迷香港藝術計劃 2022《後備人生練習賽》(聯合創作指導)。曾任非常林奕華製作助理及一舊飯團項目統籌。


獲英國皇家芭蕾舞學院八級(優異)及  最高級別- 專業2級文憑,並曾受訓於 鄧樹榮戲劇工作室 ‘PTI專業形體戲劇青年訓練’;城市當代舞蹈團 幼兒劇場研究核心成員。藝術教育方面,跟隨林珍真協助獨腳戲及創意工作坊教學,超過五十位女生創作屬於自己的作品。同時與不同大專院校、非牟利機構合作,協助培訓對象包括青年至銀髮模特兒。同時任芭蕾舞教師、於不同單位任兒童創意舞動工作坊導師 。


2021 - 2022 

Utrecht University- 

-M.A. Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy

2015 - 2019

Hong Kong Baptist University --School of Communication

Major in Advertising and Branding; Minor in Theatre Studies

Recent Works



Beyond the Shore, Hong Kong

(Presented in Inter-Island Festival)


DAWN 4.0: Beyond the Shore, Itoshima 

(Presented in Itoshima International Art Festival 2023, supported by HKADC)


DAWN 3.0: a City. a Girl. a House , Kortrijk

(Residency in Kunstencentrum BUDA, supported by HKADC)


DAWN 2.0: 沒光之後 , HK/ Taiwan

(Presented in Let's Be Together Arts Festival Taiwan 2022, supported by HKADC)


DAWN 1.0 , Vienna 

(presented in ATLAS- ImpulzTanz- Vienna International Dance Festival, supported by HKADC)


What If — a monologue from a 97 girl ,Hong Kong







Flight of Fishes, Hong Kong Arts Festival @Tai Kwun 2023 (Assistant director)


The Perfect MATCH, Lost Child Project HK 2022, Hong Kong (Co-Creative Director)


A Mind Apart - Arts Go Digital, Hong Kong  (Leading Movement Actress)

Starry Starry Night, Hong Kong, (Creative Actress)

Parent-child Classical Music Gala, Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme 2021 ---(Project Coordinator & Performer),

Dramaturgy/ Research

Living Up to Death, City Contemporary Dance Company  (Dramaturg)



Sad Time Stories, Riceball Association (Dramaturg)


What Is Stage 2023: Katrin Brack , HKAPA x Edward Lam Dance Theatre

 (Researcher, Project Coordnator)

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