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Dawn 3.0 Kortrijk, Belgium  2023
Kunstencentrum BUDA Residency Project
a City, a Girl, a House 

My residency in BUDA (Kortrijk), is an ongoing research on the relations between bodies, cities and homes. The presentation back in the residency is named: "a City, a Girl, a House."  With the deep-mapping method, the research further draws a parallel relationship between motherhood and cities through creative interviews, dance videos and live performances.


2-13 May, 2023   

kunstencentrum BUDA

Creative Process

螢幕截圖 2023-05-27 下午2.30.22.png


Interview: My secret place

Originating from the idea of deep mapping, I emphasised one’s connection to the place and culture. Our conversations covered various topics, including puppy love and the city landscape, the past and future of BUDA as a city art organization, the function of community space and art, Flemish identity, as well as the future of Kortrijk.


Dance Video:

Constructing place

螢幕截圖 2023-05-27 下午2.34_edited.jpg

I found that the entire place was under construction. The first question that came to our minds was “Why?” After the first day of the site visit, my videographer and I decided to pay special attention to the city. We turned it into our creative studio. 

“Construction/deconstruction”, "finished/unfinished" become our main theme.


Live performance:

My place

螢幕截圖 2023-06-18 下午6.27.26.png

I had established the space as an imaginary house-studio. The space awareness went from large to intimate and then expanded to the outside. I presented myself as a research artist. The piece was described as

“intimate, smart, fusion and romantic”.

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