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photo credit_ Edwin Chuk Yin Man


Dawn is an ongoing research exploring one’s identity through the sense of locations and time between cities. 

Anchored in my hometown of Hong Kong, this project establishes a prototype for conducting artistic research by exploring multiple connections between different cities, which reveals the diverse dimensions of understanding a place. The project questions the displacement, and hybridity between cultures and site over time. The ultimate goal is to give voice to the outsiders and create a space for mutual connection.


Aug 2022, Vienna, Austria

Oct 2022, Taiwan/ Hong Kong

May 2023, Kortrijk, Belgium

Oct 2023, Itoshima, Japan

DAWN 1.0, is a quest to the word “home” through the personal relations between travelling and home cities.

Dawn 2.0 together with a local artist as a doppelganger, is an exploration to a shared question between Hong Kong young generation: “What if I stay/ move?”

Dawn 3.0 is an artistic research residency in Arts centre BUDA. With the deep-mapping method, the research further draws a parallel relationship between motherhood and cities. The presentation is named: "a City, a Girl, a House"

Dawn 4.0, is a site-specific performance happening in Itoshima  (JP). It cooperates with the power of myth, history and gender through a post-human ritual, tributing to the unspoken ocean legends.

photo credit_ Edwin Chuk Yin Man
Dawn 3.0
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