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Dawn 4.0 Itoshima  2023
糸島國際藝術節 2023(日本)
 Itoshima International Art Festival 2023 (Japan)






從先祖戰亂到海上女神,人魚傳說到傳奇女海盜; 一浪接一浪的歷史故事,孕育出每一代人的海洋文明。 啟發自香港人魚「盧亭」與 海盜女王鄭一嫂,《沒光之後——彼岸》連結神話、歷史和性別,以一場「後人類儀式」展開身份反思之旅。



"DAWN 4.0: Beyond The Shore" 

When historical boundaries dissolve, "truth" emerges in mythology.
How does the "self" transform in multiple lives?
If the ocean keeps memories, what does it record about us?
From ancestral conflicts to mermaid legends to legendary female pirates, waves of historical stories have nurtured the maritime civilizations of each generation. Inspired by the Hong Kong mermaid "Lo Ting" and the pirate queen Zheng Yisao, "DAWN 4.0: Beyond the Shore" connects mythology, history, and gender, embarking on a journey of self-reflection through a "post-human ritual."

About "Us"

Dance Film
A dance film about the decaying sea myths and the (re-)imaginations brought by the sea civilisation over time. The parallel narratives are filmed in both Itoshima Japan and Hong Kong islands.

Deep-mapping Research

The team interviewed locals about their daily lives, myths and histories. For example, the history of the Ito-shima, transportation, and the myths behind the sunning scene of Sakurai Futamigaura’s Couple Stones, sea gods etc. What triggered us is the legend of “HImiko”, a shamanism-queen, and we will continue researching the myth and femininity.

Live Performance

As one of the invited artists by Let’s Be Together Arts Festival (Taiwan) and Itoshima International Art Festival, I have four sessions of site-specific performances in front of the Shrine about the sea legends of my home coastal city, Hong Kong. The audience is also part of the ritual.

創作及演出: 梁海頤  


影像導演: 岑軍諺  


合作伙伴: 糸島國際藝術節、翼宿(糸島)、不貧窮藝術節(高雄)

嗚謝: 香港藝術發展局 

香港藝術發展局全力支持藝術表達自由,本計劃內容並不反映本局意見。 ​


Choreography/ Performance: Alysa Leung

Dramaturgy/ Performance: Evelyn Wan 

Videography: Anson Sham

Calligraphy: Rylie Lee 

Cooperation Partner: Itoshima International Art Festival 2023, Tsubasa International Guest House (Itoshima) , Let's Be Together Arts Festival (Kaohsiung)

​Supported by HKADC

Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council

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