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Hong Kong is a metropolitan; Hong Kong is a metropolitan city by the sea.

Inspired by the research process for "Dawn 4.0: Beyond the Shore", this new research series encourages reverse thinking from the land, which is the ocean.  

“Beyond the shore” is an ongoing oceanic artistic research that delves into the realm of sea myths and legends, livelihood from ancient times and the future. Through research, public sharing and performances, this project reconnects people from in-land to sea civilisation. Of utmost importance, the research aims to go beyond singularities and establish a relational approach between various cultures across geographical locations.

This research is conducted together with scholar/ dramaturg Dr. Evelyn Wan, film director Anson Sham and fellow creative partners .



Nov 2023, Hong Kong (Peng Chau)
(Inter-Island Festival) with Gigi Tang

“Beyond the Shore" (Peng Chau version) connects mythology,  history, and gender through interactive performance, embarking on a  journey of self-reflection. We hope to understand the  relationship between islanders and non-islanders with the sea through a series of local interviews. 

Oct 2023, Itoshima, Japan
(Itoshima International Art Festival)


"Dawn 4.0: Beyond the Shore" is a site-specific performance happening in Itoshima  (JP). It cooperates with the power of myth, history and gender through a post-human ritual, tributing to the unspoken ocean legends.

Aug 2024, Surabaya, Indonesia (upcoming)
The International Convention of Asia Scholars


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