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Creative Practice: "Constructing space" Dance video

Arriving at Kortrijk, I found the entire place was under construction. The first question that came to our minds was “Why?”. After the first day of the site visit, my videographer and I decided to pay special attention to the city and turn it into our creative studio.

On the next day, we went to a forbidden school where we met some hilarious workers, and even interacted with them during our shooting. We then visited other construction sites where bricks and woods were everywhere. This inspired me to think about the words “construction” and “deconstruction”. Hence, the dance video starts from this idea.

Following Nina, an interviewee, we arrived at a fancy park. I created a video about her story and an abandoned site that used to be a hospital. Interestingly, it was also the birthplace of Bram, the artistic manager of BUDA.

We also went to an “unfinished studio” suggested by Bram. It was originally an apartment but had been turned into a studio/working place. This space was unique to him as it had an unfinished look. According to Bram, in this particular space, “Creation in progress” is not only the site but also the work and the ideology for the BUDA residency program. Triggered by the space idea and decoration, I further transformed this into my live performance later, the unfinished “studio house”. Here, I created a video titled “the missing pieces”, where I imagined myself as the missing furniture, trying to “fill” the space. What would I be?

“This space is yet to be finished, meaning thousands of possibilities ahead, like BUDA.”

The footage including the interviews and dance videos will be further edited into a creative documentary of Kortrijk/ this production.

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