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To observe: Dancing and talking - Mathilde Monnier 4

Having a feeling that I am quite limited by the language and that I can not have a voice connection with the others (of cause, there is always the other choice), I decided to choose the other text, “invisible city- City and memory 2”, and learn it by heart. Therefore, my experiment goal today is to test the connection between the space and hence the audience.

Today we have an hour to practice the rhyme and text and then go into two big groups for the 40-45 mins improvisation.

Under the topic of “connection”, first, I would like to talk about individuals. I am aware of my presence on stage a lot. However, I seldom take my moment on stage as one situation of happenings. To me, today is getting my body and mind back on track of performing status. (Since I have been sitting in front of a computer for the past year, it is a bit hard to shift at the moment.) Then I start to trust in my presence on stage and that my partners may also join me, instead of me being the follower all the time.

How observe the situation, and connecting through different kinds of “support” is also interesting. In the act, supporting by “copying/following” is always easy. Instead, what if we suggest a different context with the same movement? Or what with we change the texture on it? Small variations already help for the scene build-up.

On the other hand, when we talk about sustaining/ establishing relations, it is too easy to fall into a trap that eyes and peers mean connections. By looking at the others, like dancing for her, is creating an own bubble that excludes the audience from getting into. Mathilde proposes that, instead of “creating” connections, we should let it “happen”.

This means that relationships can be created through space, time, and addresses, even with different steps or voices. When we are on stage, we have connected anyways. It’s too explicit to put every connection through peer engagement. She further explains that we may think we are connecting. We are just hiding behind a relationship.

So for tomorrow, I will focus on my last experiment checklist: text and body relationship.

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